The LGBTIQ+ Diversity Performance Index

PRIDE Index 2022

How open and inclusive is your company or organization for LGBTIQ+ employees? What structures help to live a culture of diversity and where can you start to take LGBTIQ+ diversity management to the next level?

On 7 December, the UHLALA Group will publish the PRIDE Index | The LGBTIQ+ Diversity Performance Index for the fourth time. Based on 75 questions, divided into four categories, our index enables us to take stock of current engagement and identifies potential for improvement. As part of a free self-evaluation, companies are given the opportunity to put their LGBTIQ+ diversity management to the test. The individual results are sent by email immediately after the questionnaire is submitted. The overall results of all participating companies and organizations will be published in the form of the PRIDE Index on the UHLALA Group website on 7 December 2022. In the presentation, we distinguish between large, medium-sized and small companies, as well as public institutions. All companies and organizations can participate in the PRIDE Index free of charge by completing the questionnaires by 15 October. In addition, the data can be verified by the UHLALA Group for a fee, including a detailed evaluation interview. The verification can also be booked afterwards.

Note: Do you have questions about the index?

We have summarized the answers to many questions for you under the tab “F.A.Q.”.

On 13.07. we presented the PRIDE Index at the Pride Breakfast Club and answered many questions.

Here you can find the video of the event [in German]:


Franziska Kaiser, Project Lead PRIDE Index

Verification & Employer Seal 

For verification, a formal registration is necessary. Please send an informal email for the corresponding form. We will then send you the document immediately. Please note that we will only start the verification once we have received the complete registration form and that the evaluation can take up to four weeks.

Verification offers the following advantages:

  • Evaluation: You receive a written, detailed result on your performance. We analyse the online audit manually and send you the results to further develop your LGBTIQ+ diversity management.
  • Feedback: We then conduct a 60-minute telephone call to answer potential questions regarding the evaluation and the result and to identify potential for further development.
  • Visibility: When publishing the PRIDE Index, we make it visually clear that your result has been verified by us. This clearly distinguishes you from other participants in the index.
  • Publication: Are you unsure how your company will perform? Then, after receiving your result and verification, you can decide whether your final results should be published in the PRIDE Index. 

If you have achieved at least 60 % of the possible points after the verification, you can acquire our PRIDE Champion employer seal in silver, or gold if you have at least 80 % of the possible points).


You will also receive the registration form for this after sending a short email to the above address.


Twice a year UHLALA Consulting offers a four-part online training to accompany the PRIDE Index, which is based on the catalogue of criteria of the LGBTIQ+ Diversity Performance Index. The last trainings took place between 22 – 29 September. The next training series will follow in spring on the following days and with the respective focus points: 

  • 14 March: Organisational structure
  • 16 March: Human Resources
  • 21 March: Communication & Visibility
  • 23 March: Legal framework & Regulations

Registration for the training series will be open from December 2022.

UHLALA Group Partner companies* can register up to two employees for the training free of charge. For all other participants, the fee for four training parts totals € 99.00 plus VAT. After registering, participants will receive the access data for all four sessions by email. Should it not be possible to attend one of the dates for time reasons, this can be made up for at a subsequent date. In addition, you can have your participation certified for a fee.

*UHLALA Group Partner: We Stay PRIDE Members | Exhibitors at the STICKS & STONES | Hosts of the Unicorns in Tech Get-Together and Supporters | Partner of Proudr | Partner of #UNPINKED | Partner of ALICE | Partner of RAHM


How can you participate in the index?

By clicking on the button below, you will be redirected to the website where you can create an account for your company. Then, depending on the size and type of your organization, you can choose whether you want to fill in the questionnaire for large, medium or small companies or the one for public organizations. By submitting the completed questionnaire, we will automatically include you in the PRIDE Index.

How long does it take to complete the questionnaire?

If you already have all the information, we expect it to take about 1 – 2 hours. However, keep in mind that for large companies, several departments may need to be involved in answering the questions. If you also want to have your result verified, you should also allow sufficient time to collect the evidence for the individual questions. 

It is possible to save the questionnaire in the meantime and share the access data with other departments of the company so that the completion does not have to be done in one go.

Until when can you fill in the questionnaire to participate in the Index?

Filling out the questionnaires and thus participating in the index is possible until Sunday, 15 October 2022. After that, we will deactivate the questionnaires and participation will no longer be possible. 

What kind of questions are asked in the Index questionnaire?

The Index questionnaire consists of around 75 questions on the topics of organizational structure, human resources, communication & visibility and legal framework & regulations.

How much does it cost to be part of the Index?

Participation in the Index without verification is free of charge. The result will be determined immediately after sending the questionnaires and will be sent to you by email. 

It is possible to have the information provided verified by the UHLALA Group. For more information on the process and the benefits of verification, please see the section “Verification and Employer Seal”. “Please note that participation free of charge is only available in German. However, participating with a verification is also possible in English.”

In addition, if your information is verified by us, the UHLALA Group, and you achieve a score above 60% of the total score, you can earn our PRIDE Champion Employer Seal.

Both the verification and the PRIDE Champion seal must be explicitly booked and are subject to a fee. You will receive the registration form for both services after sending an informal email.

How is the index evaluated?

For large companies (more than 500 employees)

The maximum score that can be achieved in the questionnaire is 453 points. These are distributed among the four categories as follows:  

  • Organisational structure: max. 83 points, equivalent to 18.3 percent
  • Human Resources: max. 153 points, corresponding to 33.8 percent
  • Communication & Visibility: max. 141 points, equivalent to 31.1 percent
  • Legal framework & regulations: max. 76 points, corresponds to 16.8 percent

For medium-sized companies (50 to 500 employees)

The maximum number of points that can be achieved in the questionnaire is 312. These are distributed among the four categories as follows: 

  • Organisational structure: max. 77 points, equivalent to 24.7 percent
  • Human Resources: max. 79 points, equivalent to 25.3 percent
  • Communication & Visibility: max. 79 points, equivalent to 25.3 percent
  • Legal framework & regulations: max. 77 points, equivalent to 24.7 percent

For small companies (up to 50 employees)

The maximum number of points that can be achieved in the questionnaire is 218. These are distributed among the four categories as follows: 

  • Organisational structure: max. 50 points, corresponds to 22.9 percent
  • Human Resources: max. 59 points, equivalent to 27.1 percent
  • Communication & Visibility: max. 69 points, equivalent to 31.7 percent
  • Legal framework & regulations: max. 40 points, equivalent to 18.3 percent

For public institutions

The maximum number of points that can be achieved in the questionnaire is 381. These are distributed among the four categories as follows: 

  • Organisational structure: max. 83 points, corresponds to 21.8 percent
  • Human Resources: max. 114 points, equivalent to 29.9 percent
  • Communication & Visibility: max. 112 points, equivalent to 29.4 percent
  • Legal framework & regulations: max. 72 points, equivalent to 18.9 percent
What information is published in the index?

No exact percentage results are published in the index. We transfer your achieved total score and your results per category into a 5-point system. 5 points correspond to a result between 90 – 100 %. The grading is done in half points, which means a presentation with 4.5 points corresponds to a result of 80 – 90 % of the possible points, etc.

In addition, we clearly mark which companies have been verified by us.

Furthermore, we publish the name of the participating organizations and, if applicable, your sector affiliation. If your organization is among the top ten verified participants, you will also be listed as a member of the Top 10.

Why should you participate in the index?

With the help of the PRIDE Index, you get the chance to put your LGBTIQ+ diversity management to a test free of charge. Answer the online questionnaire from the comfort of your (home) office. After sending the answers, you will immediately receive the results and will be included in the PRIDE Index, which will be published on 7 December 2022. Use this opportunity to discover open potentials and compare yourself with other organizations. 

In addition, you can add various services for a fee. Have your information verified by our consultants, receive feedback on your answers and previous efforts to promote LGBTIQ+ employees. Verification also gives you the opportunity to enter the Top 10. Only organizations with verified information can be included here.

Furthermore, if you achieve over 60% of the total points as a verified organization, you can add the PRIDE Champion Employer Seal in Silver. If you achieve an outstanding 80%, you can earn the Gold Seal! With the help of the seal, you can visibly position your company as an LGBTIQ+ Diversity Champion for a period of one year.

Are the companies’ statements verified?

Participation in the PRIDE Index takes the form of a self-evaluation by the companies. We check the information provided on a random basis.

If a verification or the PRIDE Champion employer seal is also booked, all information and the evidence submitted will be checked individually by consultants from the UHLALA Group. 

Can you object to publication?

Participants who have had their answers verified can object to publication in the PRIDE Index. To do so, send a short email.

Organizations that participate free of charge cannot object to publication.

How can you get verified as a company?

For the verification, a formal registration is necessary. We will gladly send you the corresponding form after an informal email. Please note that we will only start the verification once we have received the complete registration form and that the evaluation can take up to four weeks.

The verification includes a detailed evaluation of the questionnaire as well as a telephone feedback interview.

How can you receive the PRIDE Champion employer seal?

You can achieve the silver PRIDE Champion seal if you have at least 60% of the possible points after the verification, and the goald PRIDE Champion seal from 80% of the possible points.

You can also register for this via an application form, which we will be happy to send you after an informal email.

What is the difference between the PRIDE Index, PRIDE Champion and PRIDE Audit?

All three projects, PRIDE Audit, PRIDE Index and PRIDE Champion are based on the same questionnaires and are therefore closely linked in terms of content. 

The audit is our year-round offer to put an organization’s own LGBTIQ+ diversity management to the test. With the help of the 75-question PRIDE audit, we support employers in the DACH region in designing structures, instruments and measures to include LGBTIQ+ employees in organisations and to make appreciation usable. We verify all information and conduct a one-hour feedback meeting with the participating organisations. The PRIDE Audit is subject to a fee and can be booked individually. Participants can choose to be listed in the PRIDE Index, which is published in December each year.

PRIDE Champion is the LGBTIQ+ employer seal. If companies achieve a score of at least 60% of the total score in the PRIDE Audit, they can be awarded the silver employer seal. If they achieve excellent results of 80% or higher, they can be awarded the Gold Employer Seal. If organisations book PRIDE Champion, all services of the PRIDE Audit are included in the price. The seal can also be added to the PRIDE Audit at a later date. In addition to other benefits, organisations can use the employer seal in their external communication and thus identify themselves as PRIDE Champion for one year.

The PRIDE Index lists all organisations that have participated in the PRIDE Audit and PRIDE Champion in the past months and have given their consent to appear in the Index. As part of the Index, organisations are also given the chance to answer the questionnaire free of charge. Their answers will not be verified and publication in the PRIDE Index will then be automatic. Prices and benefits of verified participation in the PRIDE Index are the same as the PRIDE Audit.

Who should complete the questionnaire?

The questionnaire should ideally be completed by a person from the HR department, for example the diversity team or a member of the LGBTIQ+ company network.

In what form do we receive the results of the questionnaire?

After sending the questionnaires, you will immediately receive the results of the evaluation to the email address provided.

If you have booked verification, you will also receive a detailed evaluation from us as soon as we have checked your evidence. Please note that the results of the automated evaluation may differ from the results of the verification.



Jonathan Frank, Executive Assistant to the CEO

Phone: +49 170 2863130


We, the UHLALA Group, are the leading LGBTIQ+ social business beyond the borders of Germany. Since 2009, we have been driving social change and actively shaping the LGBTIQ+ friendly world of tomorrow. We work with companies and organizations to use our know-how as LGBTIQ+ diversity experts to bring about lasting and positive change in corporate cultures. In doing so, we encourage LGBTIQ+ friendly structures and create open and appreciative work and study environments for LGBTIQ+ people.

PRIDE Index 2021

Over 150 medium-sized and large organizations (500 employees or more) took part in the 75-question self-evaluation as part of the PRIDE Index 2021. A total of 77 of them achieved a good to very good result and were included in the PRIDE Index. In addition to their overall results, their scores in the four categories of organizational structure, HR & recruiting, communication & visibility and legal framework & regulations are presented below.


The organizations are presented in alphabetical order and the respective results have been translated into a 5-point scheme for easy comparison. In our comprehensive PRIDE Index Report, we go into more detail on the results and key findings.

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