Services & prices

Services & prices

Services (for 2023)

Premium 12,000 €
Plus 8,000 €
Starter 4,000 €
Support of further development of LGBTIQ+ Diversity Managements
PRIDE Champion Audit & Seal

Audit & Marketing Bundle incl. Benchmarkreport

Audit & Marketing Bundle


Pride Booklet LGBTIQ+ topics exclusively for WSP members, appears quarterly 
Consulting individual support of diversity management

8 hours

4 hours

Diversity Collection On LGBTIQ+ Diversity exclusively for the WSP contact persons.
LGBTIQ+ Diversity Conference #UNPINKED

4 Business-Tickets

2 Business-Tickets

Trainings & Awareness of all employees for LGBTIQ+ Diversity
Workshop for executives: LGBTIQ+ inclusive leadership

1 Workshop (6 hours)

1 Workshop (3 hours)

LGBTIQ+ Awareness for employees (individual)
LGBTIQ+ Awareness for all employees (open for all companies)
Free selection of training from our portfolio 

3 hours

Allyship-Program: Workshop, Booklet
Community Exchange
Cross-company Mentoring-Programm for LGBTIQ+ employees

4 Mentees &

4 Mentor

4 Mentees &

4 Mentor

Visibility on the UHLALA-Website
Announcement of the membership on UHLALA social media 
Loyalty Discount: Discount on other UHLALA Group projects to strengthen employer branding, LGBTIQ+ recruiting or LGBTIQ+ empowerment.

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Are you interested in our work in the field of LGBTIQ+ inclusion and empowerment? We look forward to hearing from you!

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