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From LGBTIQ+ diversity consulting, employer branding and recruiting to best practice ideas exchange:

our offerings support you in shaping an LGBTIQ+ friendly environment in your organisation.

Consulting & Awareness


Your path to excellence

Our LGBTIQ+ employer excellence programme offers your company or organisation the opportunity to sustainably anchor diversity into your practices. The twelve-month digital programme includes training, workshops and exchange formats as well as services in the field of LGBTIQ+ diversity consulting; which is offered in German and English.

Consulting & Workshop

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Do something for your LGBTIQ+ employees

Through our consulting, we will coach you to develop a sustainable LGBTIQ+ diversity, equity and inclusion strategy . We will start by supporting you through introductory measures; then we will collaborate on formulating goals and guidelines for your company to follow. 

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UHLALA Learning, because diversity doesn't just start in the community.

We are happy to adapt our training courses, workshops and training sessions in the field of LGBTIQ+ diversity, equity and inclusion to your individual needs and target group on request. This way, you can involve all employees and get them on board with the topic of LGBTIQ+ diversity.

Best Practice Exchange

Rainbow inspiration

Once a year in September, our global LGBTIQ+ diversity conference takes place. It promotes international exchange on best practices to advance LGBTIQ+ equality in the workplace. In addition to panel discussions, lectures and workshops, the #UNPINKED offers the opportunity to gather inspiration for engagement in your company or organisation. Members of employee networks also have the opportunity to get to know other LGBTIQ+ networks and learn from each other at the network exchange.

Employer Branding & Recruiting

With the PRIDE Index and our employer seal PRIDE Champion, you put the LGBTIQ+ diversity commitment of your company, or organisation, in the spotlight.

Awards & Certification

Get to know where you are standing

Our LGBTIQ+ Diversity Analysis shows you where your company stands in the area of LGBTIQ+ diversity. With the help of 75 questions in 4 categories, our audit creates an analysis of your current LGBTIQ+ diversity commitment.

In addition to the audit, companies that have already invested in LGBTIQ+ diversity can receive our PRIDE Champion seal for employers. To receive the seal, you have to first successfully pass our PRIDE Champion audit. If you achieve at least 60% of the total score, we will award your company or organization the PRIDE Champion seal in silver; if you achieve more than 80%, we will award you the golden seal.

At the forefront of commitment

Our LGBTIQ+ diversity performance index is open to all companies and organisations in Germany. As part of a self-audit, you can put your LGBTIQ+ diversity management to the test and make successes clearly visible externally and internally.


Where LGBTIQ+ techies and allies meet

With over 4,000 members worldwide, our LGBTIQ+ Tech Community has been a hub for collaboration and exchange since 2014. As part of an annual partnership, companies can get in touch with potential candidates and openly voice their LGBTIQ+ commitment with a company profile on our website.

Investing in future LGBTIQ+ leaders

Since 2017, our global LGBTIQ+ Leadership Community has been the network for the innovative and inclusive leaders of today and tomorrow. The focus of our community is on collaborative exchange and empowerment. The annual highlight is the Leadership Contest attended by only the top upcoming leaders from the community. You can exclusively host the contest and not only will your company be prominently placed in the application process and our social media work – you will also have the opportunity to network with the highly talented and qualified participants of the RAHM contest.

Support the right to equal opportunities

By becoming an annual supporter, law firms and companies can become part of our career network for LGBTIQ+ lawyers and allies. Not only does this position you as an LGBTIQ+ friendly employer - it also gives you the chance to engage with up-and-coming law talent. You can also share job offers,your own events and introduce your company in detail via a recruiting profile.


Support the next generation of lawyers

Our ALICE Summit takes place once a year. Throughout the day, experts deliver lecutres and panels on legal topics which focus on LGBTIQ+ issues. . In addition, visitors from the sector will receive valuable tips for their professional life as well as input on relevant and current issues. As a company, you will have the opportunity to meet talented people from the community.

Proudly show your commitment

PRIDE OFFICE DAY brings the pride parade to the workplace. On this day, companies and organisations put their LGBTIQ+ employees and their LGBTIQ+ commitment in the spotlight. Join the next PRIDE OFFICE DAY and get information now.

Find high flyers from around the world

At our global RAHM leadership contest, ambitious LGBTIQ+ talents face innovative challenges and simulations. As a company or organisation, you can host the contest and recruit motivated people from the community.

Recruit LGBTIQ+ talent

As an exhibitor at our LGBTIQ+ job and career fair, you demonstrate you are committed to an inclusive working environment and stand against discrimination. At our fair, you will have the opportunity to network with young and promising talent.


The hack for finding talent 

At the Unicorns in Tech Hackathon, tech talent take on a challenge or problem affecting the LGBTIQ+ community. As a company, you can host or sponsor at our hackathon and network with the talented tech talent.

The conference for all things LGBTIQ+ and Tech

Once a year, our Unicorns in Tech Summit brings together all interested parties from the LGBTIQ+ tech community to learn, collaborate and network. This year, companies have the opportunity to be exhibitors as part of our career fair. Giving them direct access to eager and knowledgable tech talent. We also invite you to share your expertise on our stage. 


Do you have a vacancy?

Our career platform highlights queer culture at work and offers companies and organisations the opportunity to publish job offers via an employer profile. Allowing you to directly address talents and job seekers from the LGBTIQ+ community. Along the way, you show that your company is committed to an open and LGBTIQ+ friendly corporate culture.

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