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PRIDE Index 2023

PRIDE Index 2023: Berlin is the first German state to be certified, joining a list of major corporations and committed employers from the SME sector

The UHLALA Group released its annual PRIDE Index on December, 5th 2023. This index provides insights into how employers implement LGBTIQ+ diversity and create a culture of appreciation in their organizations. For the first time this year, a German state, Berlin, is among the participants. With its above-average performance, the administration of the city-state takes on a leading role and shows that the public sector is not leaving the field of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) to major corporations alone.

Over 70 employers show commitment to the queer community

The PRIDE Index of the UHLALA Group was released for the fifth time. This LGBTIQ+ Diversity Performance Index makes the commitment of employers to their LGBTIQ+ employees visible at the end of each year. Successes are celebrated together and outstanding achievements are recognized. In addition, the index is a compass for the LGBTIQ+ community when looking for employers who are committed to a diversity-sensitive and appreciative culture in the workplace.

This year, the PRIDE Index counts over 70 employers from all industries and of different sizes. Even though a majority of the participants are large and sometimes internationally active corporations, the field of participating employers also includes numerous organizations from the small and medium-sized enterprise sector as well as from the public administration.

The Report

Over 70 companies and organizations participated in the PRIDE Index 2023. The full list of all results can be found in the PRIDE Index report. In addition to the overall results, the results achieved in the respective subcategories of organizational structure, human resources, communication & visibility, and legal framework & regulations are also listed there. The companies and organizations are presented in alphabetical order and the respective results have been converted into a 5-point scale for easy comparison.

The complete PRIDE Index Report can be downloaded here:

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The Questionnaire

The index is based on the evaluation by the PRIDE Champion Audit questionnaire. This questionnaire consists of up to 75 questions, which are clustered into four main categories and additional subcategories in order to obtain a as accurate and comprehensive as possible picture of the diversity management of an organization. These are the four categories:

1. Organisational Structure

  • Diversity, Inclusion & Equity Management (DI&E Management)
  • LGBTIQ+ Employee Network (Employee Resource Group - ERG)

In this category, we examine whether employers create the conditions to establish sustainable structures for LGBTIQ+ employees and whether the commitment to diversity is anchored in the strategic goals. We ask, among other things, for a concrete objective for LGBTIQ+ diversity and the use of key figures to make progress measurable. This section also focuses on the work of LGBTIQ+ employee resource groups, the framework conditions under which they operate and their potential influence on diversity management.

2. Human Resources

  • Recruiting & Contracts
  • Education, Training & Awareness Raising
  • Health & Safety
  • Gender Diversity

A company can already communicate its openness and sensitivity to LGBTIQ+ employees through job advertisements, application forms and personnel questionnaires. In this section, we survey how applicants are approached and whether an inclusive corporate culture is practised from day one. In addition, the category 'Human Resources' includes questions on the education and trainings offered to the workforce and on the representation of gender diversity in HR processes.

3. Communication & Visibility

  • Internal Communication & Visibility
  • External Communication & Visibility
  • Events & Activities

How organisations position and express themselves influences whether employees feel welcome and valued. The section 'Communication and Visibility' looks at the company's internal and external communication. We ask, among other things, about public statements of the management on LGBTIQ+ diversity, about the use of gender-inclusive language and whether companies independently organise events for the LGBTIQ+ community and / or are visibly represented at public LGBTIQ+ events.

4. Legal Framework & Regulations

  • Contact & Complaint Office
  • Protection against Discrimination
  • Supplier Management

At this point, we would like to know whether the protection of LGBTIQ+ employees is firmly anchored in the company's internal regulations and whether sanctions for discriminatory behaviour are clearly communicated. In addition, we would like to know whether employees are clearly shown whom they can turn to in cases of conflict and whether a company also demands LGBTIQ+ protection from business partners and implements supplier diversity programs.


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