The LGBTIQ+ Diversity Performance Index

PRIDE Index - The LGBTIQ+ Diversity Performance Index

Which companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland already operate a very successful LGBTIQ+ diversity management? Who succeeds in sustainably building structures for a diverse company culture? Which areas of LGBTIQ+ diversity management can further be developed?

Since 2021, we have been getting to the bottom of these questions with the publication of the annual PRIDE Index. In addition to large companies, small and medium-sized enterprises and public institutions can also participate in our audit. In four categories, our index provides an overview of the LGBTIQ+ diversity commitment of the participating companies and through that identifies the companies that are true diversity champions.

1. PRIDE Index 2023

Participation in the PRIDE Index 2023 is possible until October, 15th. All companies that have completed our questionnaire by then can be included in the PRIDE Index Report 2023. 

2. PRIDE Index Report

On December 5th, 2023, the UHLALA Group will publish the PRIDE Index for the fourth time. Based on 75 questions, divided into four categories, our auditing process allows us to evaluate current engagement and identifies potential for improvement. The overall results of all participating companies and organisations will be published in the form of the PRIDE Index Report on the UHLALA Group website. We distinguish between large, medium-sized and small companies as well as public institutions in our report.

3. Participation & PRIDE Champion Seal

To participate a formal registration is necessary. Please send an e-mail to We will then send you the document immediately.

Participation includes the following services:

  • Evaluation: You will receive a written, detailed result of your performance. We analyze the online audit manually and send you the results to further develop your LGBTIQ+ diversity management.
  • Feedback: We then conduct a 60-minute call to answer potential questions regarding the evaluation and the result and to identify potential for further development.
  • PRIDE Champion Seal: If you achieve a score of at least 60% of all possible points, you will receive our PRIDE Champion Seal. In this way, you make your commitment to diversity credibly visible to the outside world and can be identified by applicants as an LGBTIQ+ friendly company.
  • Publication: After receiving your audit results, you can decide whether you want your company to be included with those results in the PRIDE Index Report 2023 or not.

Companies that have been awarded the PRIDE Champion seal can optionally book a marketing bundle, which includes the following services:

  • Visibility on UHLALA Group social media channels: we create a social media visual and publish your statement with photo on our UHLALA social media channels. In addition to our media outreach, we include you in our list for particularly LGBTIQ+ friendly companies on the UHLALA website.
  • Trophy: As a PRIDE Champion Seal recipient, you will receive our PRIDE Champion trophy.
  • Company profile on UHLALA website and Proudr: We will create a comprehensive company profile for you (incl. logo, details & hyperlinks) on the UHLALA Group website and our LGBTIQ+ job and career platform Proudr.


Verification and also the PRIDE Champion seal (if more than 60% is achieved) are included in the price for participation in the PRIDE Index. For small companies we also offer a free self-evaluation without verification. Free self-evaluations for medium-sized and large companies are no longer available. 

Optionally, the PRIDE Champion Marketing Bundle can be booked as well. 

The costs of all services are based on the size of the company:

Verification and PRIDE Champion Seal
PRIDE Champion Marketing Bundle
Up to 50 employees

1,000 €

500 €

50 to 500 employees

1,500 €

1,000 €

More than 500 employees

2,000 €

1,000 €

Public institutions and organisations

1,500 €

1,000 €

4. Training

UHLALA Consulting is offering a four-part online training to accompany the PRIDE Index, based on the LGBTIQ+ Diversity Performance Index criteria catalog. The scheduled dates will take place in September on the following days and with the respective thematic sessions:

  • September 19th: Organizational Structure
  • September 21st: Human Resources
  • September 26th: Visibility & Communication
  • September 28th: Legal Framework & Regulations

The training will be held in English.

UHLALA Partner* can register up to two employees for the training free of charge. For all other participants the fee for four training parts is 149,00€ plus VAT.

*UHLALA Partner are: 

We Stay PRIDE Members | Exhibitors at STICKS & STONES | Hosts of the Unicorns in Tech Get-Together and Supporters | Partner and Ambassadors of Proudr | Partner of #UNPINKED | Partner of ALICE | Partner of RAHM

5. Press

Press contact:

Jonathan Frank,

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Telefon: +49 170 2863130

6. Publisher

We as UHLALA Group are the leading LGBTIQ+ social business beyond the borders of Germany. Since 2009, we have been driving social change and actively shaping the LGBTIQ+ friendly world of tomorrow. As a social business, we are located at the intersection of NGO and business – this makes us special and holds our potential!

We are firmly rooted in the LGBTIQ+ community and connected to it through our communities and networks. Empowering LGBTIQ+ people in the workplace, in college and beyond is what all our efforts, dedication and passion are about.

To this end, we work with companies and organizations in areas such as consulting & awareness. With our know-how and our competence as LGBTIQ+ diversity experts, we train managers and employees, accompany the sustainable and positive change of corporate cultures and structures, and thus jointly create open and appreciative working environments for LGBTIQ+ people.

Our work focuses on LGBTIQ+ people in the world of work and study. Therefore, our events are free and open to LGBTIQ+ people. The focus is on empowerment, inspiration and promotion, and networking for LGBTIQ+ people – we create an environment that welcomes and values everyone! This also means that Straight Allies are welcome here – because an appreciative and open environment at work and study benefits not only LGBTIQ+, but all employees and students.


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