Empowering LGBTIQ+ People

in the Working World.

The empowerment of LGBTIQ+ people is at the core of our work!

A handful of ways in which we do this, is by providing consulting and awareness trainings to companies and organisations. As LGBTIQ+ diversity and inclusion experts, we train managers and employees and accompany sustainable and positive change of corporate practices. We also and facilitate the development of safe working environments for LGBTIQ+ people.


In the area of employer branding and recruiting, our services include: STICKS & STONES, Europe’s largest job and career fair for the LGBTIQ+ community, as well as the LGBTIQ+ employer seal – PRIDE Champion.


In various formats, we regularly offer opportunities for best business practice exchange across companies and countries. This enables the inspiration and exchange of mutual learning processes and platforms. In addition, our LGBTIQ+ employer excellence programme “We Stay PRIDE” offers companies the opportunity for a long-term partnership and cooperation in the field of LGBTIQ+ diversity and inclusion. 

Everyone has the right to equality

Although the social acceptance of the LGBTIQ+ community has grown over the last few years, there is still a long way to go before full equality is achieved. We champion the appreciation and equitable treatment of all members of the LGBTIQ+ community.

Our milestones


The first LGBTIQ+ job and career fair STICKS & STONES takes place.


Unicorns in Tech, our first LGBTIQ+ community, is formed and our PRIDE audit becomes available to businesses and organisations in June.


The career network for LGBTIQ+ lawyers, ALICE, is launched.


RAHM, the global LGBTIQ+ leadership community is founded and the LGBTIQ+ employer seal, PRIDE Champion, is launched.


In November, the first Pride Breakfast Club brings together passionate people for this monthly LGBTIQ+ diversity get-together.


The first index on LGBTIQ+ friendliness of the 30 most economically powerful German companies is published and the LGBTIQ+ job and career platform Proudr goes online. UHLALA consulting offers companies targeted support from the beginning of the year.


We Stay PRIDE, The LGBTIQ+ employer excellence programme, launches with 10 founding members. #UNPINKED,The global LGBTIQ+ diversity conference, premieres in September.


The LGBTIQ+ Campus Index evaluates for the first time the LGBTIQ+ diversity commitment of 557 universities in the DACH region and the PRIDE Index celebrates the LGBTIQ+ commitment of German companies at the end of the year.


Pride Office Day takes place for the first time. 

Our Team

Alena Eberlein

Consultant & Project Manager #UNPINKED

Angelina Stahl

Working Student STICKS & STONES

Anni Ziegler

Consultant & Project Manager PRIDE Champion Audit

Anna-Maria Hüblein

Head of Design

Bertrand Duteil

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Damian Krüger

Social Media Manager

Daria Weber

Social Media Manager Proudr

Franziska Kaiser

Consultant & Project Lead PRIDE Index

Helena Schad

Project Lead Proudr

Julia Kolhoff

Project Lead


Lisa Stauß

Working Student


Mona Siegers

Editor Proudr

Monja Philien Pöhler

Project Assistant ALICE

Moritz Holbach

Consultant & Project Lead We Stay PRIDE

Niko Petras

Head of Sales

Olivia Strupat

Project Assistant ALICE

Pau Picó

Project & Community Lead for Unicorns in Tech

Sophia Klaus

Project Assistant PRIDE Index

Stuart Bruce Cameron

Founder, CEO & Senior Consultant

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