Our commitment to diversity

Empowering LGBTIQ+ people in their professional lives is at the core of our work. Our wide range of services includes:

communities, events and support in finding LGBTIQ+ friendly employers.


Vacancies with open employers

On Proudr, we bring queer culture at work to the forefront and give you the opportunity to view exciting job opportunities from LGBTIQ+ friendly employers and take the next step in your career. Along the way, you'll find LGBTIQ+ articles and info on upcoming professional events.

The Global LGBTIQ+ Tech Community 

Since 2014, we have been bringing together talents from different areas of the industry, offering space for joint exchange and empowering each other. We now have over 4,000 members. Will you be our next unicorn?

For your right to equal opportunities

Since 2015, our career network for LGBTIQ+ lawyers and allies has offered inspiration, input and networking with other students, trainees and professionals from the community. For example, at the annual ALICE Summit, at get-togethers or through the "Gesicht zeigen" campaign.


We organise numerous events such as job and career fairs, conferences, contests, networking sessions and get-togethers for the LGBTIQ+ community. We also welcome allies.

SXS Berlin & Cologne | Clear stones out of your way

Every year, STICKS & STONES, Europe's largest LGBTIQ+ job and career fair,brings together over 100 LGBTIQ+ friendly employers with job seekers. Visitors also get to enjoy talks and panels about queer culture at work and concrete career tips. Attendance at the fair is free of charge for LGBTIQ+ visitors and allies. Since 2020, STICKS & STONES has also been held virtually.

Proudr LGBTIQ+ After Works

Proudr hosts the monthly networking series "Proudr LGBTIQ+ After Works" for LGBTIQ+ and Straight Allies. The Proudr LGBTIQ+ After Works are about getting to know other LGBTIQ+ people and straight allies in a relaxed atmosphere, empowering each other and networking. Come along and meet new friends, colleagues and peers. Our dress code: Come as you are.

Unicorns in Tech Summit | The conference for all things LGBTIQ+ and Tech

With a full day of talks, panels and workshops, the Unicorns in Tech Summit offers you a unique opportunity to expand your knowledge and learn from the experts in your industry.

Since the people are at the core of every Unicorns in Tech event: you'll get to know new friends, colleagues and maybe even your future employer!

ALICE Summit | Legally successful

Our ALICE Summit takes place once a year and is especially aimed at LGBTIQ+ people from the legal sector. During enganginglectures and panel discussions, experts speak on legal topics and repeatedly draw connections to LGBTIQ+ experiences. As a visitor, you will also receive valuable tips that you can use in your professional life, as well as input on current issues.

Find LGBTIQ+ friendly employers

These are Germany's most welcoming employers

Our LGBTIQ+ employer seal makes your job search easier by making LGBTIQ+ friendly companies and organisations visible. To ensure that you can rely on the PRIDE Champion, the seal cannot be purchased. Instead, employers must successfully pass our PRIDE audit. A silver PRIDE Champion seal means that the company has achieved an overall score of at least 60% - more than 80% is required for a gold seal.

These employers take initiative on LGBTIQ+ inclusion 

Which employers are committed to their LGBTIQ+ employees and evaluate their corporate structures to ensure equal opportunities are a tangible part of everyday working life? Our LGBTIQ+ diversity performance Index gives you answers to these questions and an overview of truly LGBTIQ+ friendly employers to help you find your way around the job market.

Clear obstacles out of the way when looking for a job

As Europe's largest LGBTIQ+ job and career fair, STICKS & STONES brings together over 100 LGBTIQ+ friendly employers with job seekers every year. Attendance at the fair is free of charge for LGBTIQ+ and allies. Since 2020, STICKS & STONES has also been held virtually: In addition to panel rounds and lectures about being queer in your job, our speakers will give you concrete career tips on virtual stages.

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