Shape LGBTIQ+ Diversity in your company

We support our member companies in living diversity outside of Pride Month and communicating this internally and externally. This way, LGBTIQ+ diversity becomes an integral part of the corporate culture and is visible and tangible for everyone.

LGBTIQ+ as part of your corporate culture:

Show your commitment authentically!

Enhance your company's attractiveness for young talents through authentic and comprehensive Diversity, Inclusion & Equity Management.

Demographic change is becoming increasingly evident: experienced employees are leaving the labor market and there is a lack of competent professionals to fill these gaps. 

The demands of junior employees in particular are also changing: they do not want to hide in the workplace, but want to be able to show their authentic selves. 

"Sexual orientation" and "gender identity" are dimensions of diversity that play an important role here and should not be underestimated. The most recent OECD study from February 2023 shows that 14% of Germany's inhabitants identify as LGBTIQ+. In total, that's about 11 million people, most of which are from younger generations. These younger generations prioritize how  LGBTIQ+ friendly a company is, even before the salary or additional benefits of the employer (Out @ Work", Boston Consulting Group, 2019).

Through the We Stay PRIDE program we support you in promoting and expanding LGBTIQ+ diversity in your company. In this way, you create an attractive and future-proof workplace for all current and future employees.

What are your benefits?


Year-round (digital) events and formats on a variety of topics related to LGBTIQ+ in the workplace. All employees can take part in these events at any time free of charge and thus educate themselves for the company.

Trainings & Workshops

Training and education, which promote the reduction of discrimination and enable more awareness and education in the workforce.


Detailed analysis of the current state of your LGBTIQ+ diversity management Identify your potential and development opportunities and become a PRIDE Champion.


Raise awareness on the needs of younger generations: As an LGBTIQ+ friendly company, you will attract new, qualified professionals.


We assist you in your LGBTIQ+ diversity management as a reliable partner. We provide support as an excellent complement to your Diversity, Inclusion & Equity Management.

Role Model

You become a role model and pioneer and can authentically communicate your LGBTIQ+ commitment to the outside world.

Cross-Company Mentoring

Learn from the experiences and learnings of other member companies - e.g. through our Community Exchange or the Mentoring Program.

What our partners say

Nina Strassner

Global Head of People Initiatives


Mit UHLALA verbindet uns eine Partnerschaft, die den Namen wahrlich verdient. Mit „We Stay PRIDE“ konnten wir schnell und individuell auf die Fragen und Bedürfnisse unserer Mitarbeitenden und Leader reagieren. Im Gegenzug vermitteln wir wirtschaftliche Realitäten und Best-Practices. Win-Win…und so soll es sein für eine vielfältige, offene und lernwillige Gesellschaft.

What our partners say

Dr. Carolin Mehnert

Diversity, Equity und Inclusion Managerin

Datev eG

UHLALA ist für DATEV und unser internes LGTBIQ+-Netzwerk alltogether@DATEV eine wunderbare Ergänzung. Durch den engen Kontakt und das Sparring eröffnen wir uns gegenseitig Räume des Lernens  und des Verstehens. Viele neue, bei uns etablierte Ideen und Maßnahmen, stammen aus dem Dialog mit UHLALA und der We Stay PRIDE Partnerschaft. Zugehörigkeit ist der Schlüssel für eine produktive Zusammenarbeit in allen Belangen. Alle profitieren und wir gehen gemeinsam einen großen Schritt hin zu mehr gleichberechtigter Teilhabe.

What our partners say

Jeff Arney

Group Human Resources Manager

Enterprise Holdings

At Enterprise, we are committed to creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment where everyone can proudly bring their true selves to work. Our partnership with UHLALA has strengthened our approach to shaping an LGBTIQ+ inclusive workplace – rooted in our founding value “our doors are open”. As a member of We Stay PRIDE, we continue to drive positive change and bring about powerful ideas, solutions and opportunities that empower our people.

What our partners say

Mara Pohlmann

Specialist Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


Nicht ohne Grund verbindet uns mit UHLALA eine langjährige Partnerschaft, durch die wir gemeinsam wachsen und einen wichtigen Beitrag für eine vielfältige und inklusive Arbeitswelt leisten. Die vielfältigen Angebote von We Stay Pride helfen uns, unsere Arbeit in diesem Bereich zu schärfen, auf die Bedürfnisse unserer Mitarbeitenden einzugehen und unser internes Netzwerk rainbow@axa zu empowern.

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