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PRIDE Champion is the LGBTIQ+ employer seal in Germany. 

Germany’s most LGBTIQ+ friendly Employers

PRIDE Champion (formerly PRIDE 500) is the LGBTIQ+ employer seal in Germany. The seal demonstrates to potential and current employees, customers, suppliers, investors and business partners that this copmany or organisation boasts an open and appreciative corporate culture for LGBTIQ+ people.

The PRIDE Champion can only be obtained through our strict PRIDE audit. A proof must be submitted for almost all answers, which are checked by our experienced diversity consultants (internal) and advisory board (external). This makes PRIDE Champion one of the most authentic and credible employer seals of its kind.

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Get noticed by LGBTIQ+ talent through certification as an LGBTIQ+ friendly employer.

Employer Branding

Strengthen your employer brand by participating.


See where you stand in comparison to your competitors with the optional benchmark report.


We only evaluate employers in the DACH region. For a comparable result, we follow the landing regulations.

Do good

15% of the PRIDE Champion profits will be donated to the “Aktionsbündnis gegen Homophobie”.

LGBTIQ+ Diversity Management

Find out in which areas you are an LGBTIQ+ champion and where there is still room for improvement.

PRIDE Champion Advisory Board

F.A.Q. on PRIDE Champion, Audit & Index

How long does it take to complete the audit?

ll participating organizations have 3 months to complete the audit. Gathering all the information and evidence can take a few days, so we recommend starting to process and prepare well in advance. The audit PDF can serve as an additional support here. Especially in larger organizations, it is often necessary to ask several departments to answer the questions.

What is asked in the audit?

he audit asks questions about four categories: organizational structure, human resources, communication & visibility and legal framework & regulations. In addition, you have the opportunity to indicate any additional engagement that was not covered in the questionnaire.

How is the uploaded data used?

We comply with legal regulations and handle data entrusted to us responsibly. This means in particular, that information is not passed on to third parties. Access to files is only possible for members of the project team. We use the data provided by the organizations to evaluate the audits and advise the respective organizations.

Will the results of the audit be published?

The answers to individual questions or specific initiatives and projects of a company are not published. The overall result and the performance in the four main categories is included in the publication of the PRIDE Index. If you do not agree, we will not publish the results. If the result does not exceed 50% of the possible score, we will actively seek your consent for inclusion in the PRIDE Index before publication.

In the benchmark report, which is published in the spring of the following year, an average value of all participating companies and organizations appears for the respective categories. It is therefore not possible to track the results of individual employers.

In what form will you receive the results of the audit?

After the audit has been evaluated by the UHLALA Group consultants, you will receive your individual results as a PDF via email. The document contains a visualization of the average results for the individual categories and subcategories. In addition, you will receive a detailed list of all audit questions, your answers and the score achieved in each case.

How does the evaluation meeting take place?

In a personal, one-hour evaluation meeting, we discuss your results in detail and focus on the aspects where you can still improve your LGBTIQ+ diversity management. During the discussion, there will of course be the opportunity to ask questions about the individual points. Our goal is to identify potential and give you impulses for further measures.

We participated in the PRIDE audit as a company and achieved more than 60% of the points. Is it possible to obtain the PRIDE Champion seal afterwards?

Yes, this is possible. Given that you have achieved at least 60 % of the points, you can book the seal retrospectively. In this case, the costs for the audit and the seal are offset against each other, so you only have to pay the difference. At 60 % we award the seal in silver, at an outstanding result of 80 % in gold.

From what percentage of points does our company receive the PRIDE Champion Employer Seal?

When 60-79% fulfilment is reached, companies and organizations receive the silver seal and 80% or more recieves the gold seal. If your company has participated in the PRIDE Audit and not in PRIDE Champion, the seal is not automatically awarded when the respective number of points is reached. Nevertheless, in this case, the seal can be added afterwards (see previous question).

What is the difference between PRIDE Champion, the LGBTIQ+ Diversity Audit and the PRIDE Index?

📑 PRIDE Index Survey – a survey which companies and organisation complete, which allows them so independtly assess and evaluate their LGBTIQ+ diversity and inclusion practices. Their responses are not evaluated by UHLALA Group, and they are automatically added to the PRIDE Index.

📋 PRIDE Index – a list of companies and organsiations which have taken part of the PRIDE Index Survey or the PRIDE Audit (if they are PRIDE champions this is emphasised). 

📑 PRIDE Audit – a 75 question survey which companies and organisations answer, all the while recieving consultancy, guidance and final evaluation from UHLALA Group. 

🏆 PRIDE Champion – an extra acknowledgement for those who have completed the PRIDE Audit and achieved over 60% (silver seal champions) or over 80% (gold seal champions). Plus, this seal allows companies and organisation to externally comunicate their achievement for 1 year.

PRIDE Champion is the LGBTIQ+ employer seal. If organizations achieve a score of 60% of the total score in the PRIDE Audit, they can be awarded the Silver Employer Seal. If they achieve excellent results of 80% or higher, they can be awarded the Gold Employer Seal. If organizations book PRIDE Champion, all services of the PRIDE audit are included in the price. The seal can also be added to the PRIDE Audit at a later date. In addition to other benefits, organizations can use the employer seal in their external communication and thus identify themselves as PRIDE Champion for one year.

Participants are free to choose whether they wish to be listed in the PRIDE Index, which is published in December each year. The PRIDE Index lists all organizations that have participated in the PRIDE Audit and PRIDE Champion in previous months and have given their consent to appear in the Index. As part of the Index, organizations also get the chance to answer the questionnaire free of charge. Their answers are not verified and publication in the PRIDE Index is then automatic. In the PRIDE Index, verified companies are made clearly visible and are given the chance to be included in the top 10 if they achieve a correspondingly very good result.

Why should we participate in the PRIDE Audit?

Since 2014, the PRIDE Audit has shown employers in the DACH region how they can (further) develop and implement their diversity commitment for the LGBTIQ+ community. The audit supports the design of structures, instruments and measures to include LGBTIQ+ employees in organizations and to make appreciation experienceable.

Test yourself, discover unused potential, further develop your corporate culture and become an attractive employer for LGBTIQ+ people.

How much does it cost to participate in the PRIDE Audit and PRIDE Champion?

Prices depend on the size and type of organization. Those who have already been awarded the PRIDE Champion seal in 2021 will receive a 10% discount on recertification.  

  • Small companies | PRIDE Audit: 500€ PRIDE Champion: 1.000€ 
  • Medium-sized companies | PRIDE Audit: 1.000€ PRIDE Champion: 2.000€
  • Large companies | PRIDE Audit: 1.500€ PRIDE Champion: 3.000€
  • Public institutions | PRIDE Audit: 1.000€ PRIDE Champion: 2.000€ 

In addition, the employee survey and the benchmark report can be booked. For more information on our offers and services, please contact Jonathan Frank, Executive Assistant to the CEO.

Can we participate as a public institution?

Yes, public institutions can also participate in the PRIDE Audit. In addition to questionnaires for large, medium and small enterprises, we have designed a questionnaire that takes into account characteristics of public authorities and their differences from private enterprises.

Can small and medium-sized enterprises also participate?

Yes, besides questionnaires for public institutions and large companies, we have designed a questionnaire for small companies (0-50 employees) and another one for medium-sized companies (51-500 employees). In these, we take into account typical characteristics of small and medium-sized enterprises and their differences from large enterprises (e.g. in terms of organizations and access to resources).

Is the PRIDE Audit offered in different languages?

Yes, the questionnaires for private companies are available in German and English.

F.A.Q. on benchmark report

What is the Benchmark Report?

If you book the Benchmark Report, you will find out how you have performed compared to the other participating organizations in February of the following year. We compare your results with the average of the respective categories and subcategories of your peer group and present the most important key findings. Check if you are ahead of other companies!

Do we automatically receive the Benchmark Report?

No, the Benchmark Report is subject to a fee and can be booked by medium-sized and large companies as well as public institutions.

F.A.Q. on employee survey

What is asked in an employee survey?

In the staff survey, statements are presented for staff to rate between 0 (disagree) to 10 (agree). The statements are divided into five categories: General organizational structure, LGBTIQ+ organizational culture, diversity management, LGBTIQ+ networks and LGBTIQ+ employees. Depending on your wishes and the circumstances of your company, all or only individual categories can be asked. However, nothing can be changed in the wording of the individual statements, as they have all been legally checked in exactly this wording. 

How is the survey conducted?

The survey will be conducted using the SurveyMonkey platform. It is voluntary and anonymous, and is aimed in particular at LGBTIQ+ staff and allies. We will send a link to the survey to the organization, which you can send internally (intranet, emails, etc.). Employees then have four weeks to participate in the survey. You should allow 15-20 minutes for participation.

At the end, the average values of the statements are handed over to the organization anonymously. No individually submitted answers are shown, only the overall evaluation of all submitted answers. We then hold an evaluation meeting with the organization to discuss the results of the survey. 

Is an employee survey always included?

n employee survey is not part of the audit by default. However, it can be booked as an additional service. The results of the employee survey serve as an orientation for HR and Diversity Management on how certain measures are perceived by the workforce and how LGBTIQ+ employees in particular currently perceive the corporate culture. The results are not included in the assessment of the audit and therefore have no influence on the certification process. 

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