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The PRIDE Champion Audit

The PRIDE Champion Audit is an auditing process in which we, as an independent organization, conduct a comprehensive audit of your company's measures with regard to the diversity dimension "sexual orientation and gender identity" on the basis of the audit questionnaire. The questionnaire enables companies to evaluate their existing diversity engagement and identify potential for improvement. 

The internal auditing process usually takes two days and is supervised by employees of the participating company. It is guided by an online questionnaire, which consists of around 75 questions (depending on the size of the company) in 4 superordinate categories:

  • Organizational Structure
  • Human Resources
  • Communication & Visibility
  • Legal framework & Regulations

The questionnaire is reviewed and further developed annually by the LGBTIQ+ diversity experts of the UHLALA Group and representatives from other LGBTIQ+ organizations. Due to the holistic approach of the audit, all aspects of good and sustainable LGBTIQ+ diversity management are covered and current benchmarks are also taken into account within the evaluation.The audit results support the design and improvement of structures, measures and instruments.

What is the PRIDE Champion seal?

The PRIDE Champion Seal for Employers is the audit-based certification of companies and their LGBTIQ+ diversity management. After the completion of the auditing process, companies and organizations that have achieved at least 60% of the total possible score in the questionnaire are awarded the PRIDE Champion seal. The seal exists in two versions: silver for a result between 60 - 80% of the possible total score and gold for a result between 80 - 100%.

How does the process work?

1. Answering the audit questionnaire and evaluating the current state of your LGBTIQ+ diversity management. Participation in the PRIDE Champion Audit is possible at any time.

2. Feedback and detailed evaluation as well as an one-hour feedback session with our LGBTIQ+ diversity experts.

3. All PRIDE Champions are listed in the annual PRIDE Index at the end of the year.

Building on the PRIDE Champion Audit, the UHLALA Group offers the following additional services:

Marketing Bundle: A communication package that certified PRIDE Champions can use to make their commitment visible to the outside world. The bundle includes social media posts across UHLALA Group channels, the individual PRIDE Champion trophy, and a one-year company profile on the UHLALA Group website and our LGBTIQ+ job and career platform Proudr.

Benchmark Report: In March of the following year, we publish the Benchmark Report to provide an in-depth assessment of our own results and compare the individual results of the participants with those of all participating organizations in a given year.

Strategy workshop: Building on the individual results from the PRIDE Champion Audit, measures and initiatives are developed in an interactive workshop (up to three hours long) with which the (LGBTIQ+) diversity commitment in the company can be further expanded.

Contact us and request the PRIDE Champion Audit registration form:

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