Appreciation and diversity should not be limited to Pride month.

With our LGBTIQ+ Employer Excellence Program “We Stay PRIDE”, we support our partners in living diversity sustainably and authentically, developing the organization and its employees, and making successes visible both internally and externally. In this way, LGBTIQ+ diversity becomes an integral part of the corporate culture.

We Stay PRIDE is a digital program – partners and organizations can quickly and easily get in touch with us and employees worldwide can participate in We Stay PRIDE events.

The program consists of the following three focus areas:


We raise LGBTIQ+ diversity to a new level – with an analysis of the current situation and consulting by experts.


We train and sensitize employees for LGBTIQ+ diversity.


We network with LGBTIQ+ employees and create opportunities for empowerment and mutual learning.


Diversity put to the test – the PRIDE Champion Audit

With the help of our audit, we annually analyze the current state of our members’ LGBTIQ+ diversity management and point out potential growth areas in a personal feedback session. The best companies and organizations that achieve at least 60% of all possible points in the PRIDE Champion Audit are awarded the PRIDE Champion seal. All We Stay PRIDE Premium Partners also receive an annual benchmark report, which enables them to compare their performance with that of other participating companies.

LGBTIQ+ Diversity Training – 75 criteria for a LGBTIQ+ friendly workplace

In our four-part training “75 criteria for a LGBTIQ+ friendly workplace”, we provide an overview of successful LGBTIQ+ diversity management measures in organizations and companies which is based on the PRIDE Champion Audit.

Focus Sessions

Exclusively for our We Stay PRIDE partners, we organize a Focus Session once a quarter, in which we take an in-depth look at a HR-relevant LGBTIQ+ topic. Topics so far have included intersectionality, trans* at work, LGBTIQ+ on business trips, inclusive language, and many more. 

Pride Booklet

Once a quarter we publish an info booklet on the topics of the Focus Session. This summarizes all the information from the presentations. All info booklets and event recordings can also be accessed online in the Diversity Collection.

Diversity Collection

A LGBTIQ+ diversity knowledge platform is available to our partners. There you can find links to current LGBTIQ+ studies, articles and videos. In addition, the recordings of all Focus Sessions are stored there.

#UNPINKED – The LGBTIQ+ Diversity Conference

Our global LGBTIQ+ diversity conference will be held locally in Berlin for the first time this year. The focus is on cross-sector knowledge transfer for the empowerment and inclusion of the queer community in the workplace. Participants are invited to meet other company representatives, exchange best practices and learn from each other.


We advise our partners individually on their LGBTIQ+ diversity management. Depending on the size of the partnership, a contingent of consulting hours is included. These hours can be used individually for internal measures, e.g. for the development of or advice on guidelines or surveys.


Training & Awareness

Training and awareness on LGBTIQ+ diversity is an essential component of a successful diversity management. Several of our trainings are included in the We Stay PRIDE partnerships. Some of the trainings can be freely selected from our portfolio. The training dates are agreed upon at the beginning of the membership. Trainings can also be conducted offline on site upon request, plus additional costs. 

In addition, we offer open LGBTIQ+ Awareness & Allyship Trainings (in German and English) twice a year for all We Stay PRIDE partners. This way, all employees can profitably benefit from the trainings. 


Community Exchange

At the Community Exchange, LGBTIQ+ employees, network members, HR managers and diversity managers from our partners can exchange ideas in confidence. Each quarter, small groups discuss best practices as well as current issues, challenges and opportunities.

Cross-Company Mentoring

In our exclusive Cross-Company Mentoring Program, we bring LGBTIQ+ mentees together with successful queer individuals from other companies. Mentoring enables an intensive and trusting exchange to accompany professional and personal development. The cross-company mentoring is accompanied by sessions with the We Stay PRIDE team, where all participants can come together and share suggestions and questions.


Visibility on UHLALA Group website & announcement of partnership on UHLALA social media channels.

All We Stay PRIDE Partners will receive an individual company profile on the UHLALA Group homepage and will be visible as LGBTIQ+ friendly employers. In addition, at the beginning, the (new) Partner will be communicated and published via the UHLALA social media channels.

Loyalty Discount

Our We Stay PRIDE partners receive special discounts for many other projects of the UHLALA Group.

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